Top 10 Top Cat Breeds That Are Smaller Sized


The Singapura's origins are from Singapore and has become a darling of the cat world for its diminutive size and adorable, eyes.


Munchkins are shortest cat breed in the world. These cats have a naturally occurring genetic mutation that results in shorter legs.

Cornish Rex

The long legs and angular features of the Cornish rex might give you the impression that this cat is larger than it really is.

American Curl

The most recognizable feature of the American Curl is its uniquely shaped ears, but these cats are also petite in size. 

Devon Rex

The Devon rex is also referred to as a “pixie cat,” so it’s no surprise that this breed is on the list of small cat breeds.


It's weight 6 to 9 pounds & are one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. They are intelligent, energetic, and clownish at times.

Japanese Bobtail

The short, pom-like tail isn’t the only thing that’s small about this cat breed the Japanese bobtail.


The Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds, and it also happens to be among the smallest. These cats are relatively long in length.


Burmese cats are smaller than average with a compact, stocky body and big brain. Burmese weight between 6 to 14 pounds.


LaPerms have unusual, coiled fur, so named because it looks like they got a curly perm. This small, affectionate cats.

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