Top 10 Places In The World With Best Night Skies

The Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert's near-perfect visibility provides crystal-clear view of the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere sky.

Natural Bridges National Monument

The Natural Bridges in remote Lake Powell, Utah, was the first certified International Dark Sky Park.

Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park

Located in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture, the first place to receive International Dark Sky Places accreditation

Kruger National Park

A nighttime astronomy experience to the game-drive itinerary is a must on any visit to Kruger Park in South Africa.

Mauna Kea

With high volcanic peaks, the islands of Hawaii have evolved into one of the world's premier astronomy destinations.

Pic du Midi

It encompasses a French national park and you can book an overnight stay at the Pic for an unforgettable sleep under the stars.


Located north of the Arctic Circle, not far from Sweden's border with Norway and Finland, shows the colourful aurora borealis.

New Mexico True Dark Skies Trail

Blessed with high altitudes and clear skies, the state is home to Gold and Silver-tier Dark Sky.

La Fortuna

Tropical jungle doesn't normally equate to great stargazing, but when the conditions are right, Costa Rica might surprise you.

Los Angele

Protected by the mountains and Angeles Forest, you can see truly dark skies by observing through the 60/100-inch telescopes.

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