Top 10 Most Popular Web Series In The World

Breaking Bad

If you saw this program every day, you want to wipe your mind clean, only to re-live Breaking Bad over and again, brilliant.


This Holmes-based Sherlock does have his website, wants to use his Blackberry, and gets a smoking rush.


Tell yourself what you are going to do with the program, and god knows it has both admirers and detractors.


Narcos' a TV program shows true historic of Pablo Escobar, Colombia's famed cocaine baron, and it's expanding industry in '70s & 80s.

Back Mirror

Over the decades, Black Mirror has developed a dedicated army of followers and great worldwide notoriety.

Stranger Things

It is without a doubt one of Netflix's biggest popular events, that has stormed the entertainment world.

Sacred Games

Sacred Games has without a doubt gained huge attention because of its frightful script and adrenaline-inducing melodrama.

Mind Hunter

I'll shout at you to watch this episode from the hills if I could if you're interested in the mentality of serial assassins.

Sex Education

It's also a demonstration that many of us have started to watch but finished by feeling more so than pleased.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

It takes a more adult, darker view of history, based on Sabrina's best-loved childhood fictitious beings.

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