Top 10 Mostexpensive chocolate in India

Amul Chocolate

Popular magazine VOICE (Volunteer Organization for Consumer Education) describes Amul Chocolates as a top brand.

Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates is the British brand of chocolate and the world’s largest brand of chocolate.


Henry Nestle developed Improved Children’s Food in 1867, and in 1905 the company he invented merged with Anglo-Swiss.

Ferrero Rocher

The company is located in a small city in Italy. It was made affordable to everyone after the end of World War II.

Mars chocolate

The American Transnational Manufacturer of Mars, Pet Food and Other Food Products has 40 billion worth of trade in 2020.

Parle Chocolate

Biscuits and confectionery maker Parle Products became a luxury chocolate brand by releasing the Freiburg – Super.

Pakari chocolate

Pakari means nature in Quechua, the Andean indigenous language. Pacari is a family-owned Ecuadorian company.

Lotus Chocolate

Established in 1989, Lotus Chocolate Company Limited is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a variety of chocolates.

Brookside, Hershey

Brookside Smooth Dark Chocolate offers a unique taste of dark cocoa rich chocolate and a wonderful fruit aroma.

Campco Chocolate

With manufacturing installations in Karnataka, Campco Chocolate is one of the most popular chocolate brands in India.

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