Top 10 Most Dangerous Marvel Villains Ranked


he was the character responsible for gathering Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains and forcing them to fight in a battle royale. 

Phoenix Force

Like the mythological bird that we all know, the Phoenix brings death and rises anew from the ashes it leaves behind. 


Rather than find the worlds himself, Galactus gives other beings great power in exchange for their servitude.  


Dormammu is one of the most powerful beings around. Through the Dark Dimension, he’s capable of energy projection. 


Mephisto is the Devil of the Marvel Universe. He resides in the underworld and spends his time concocting plans of pure evil. 


On his own, Thanos is one of the most feared beings in Marvel. Not only does he possess superhuman strength. 

Dr. Doom 

As the ruler of Latveria, Dr. Doom is a villain that everyone in Marvel is afraid of. He’s a practitioner of magic. 


First appearing in X-Men #1 back in 1963, Magneto has been both a supervillain and a superhero.  

Kang the Conqueror 

Kang is actually Nathaniel Richards and Nathaniel Richards hails from the future. As a man from the future. 


Apocalypse is considered the first mutant in existence. As the first mutant, Apocalypse is multiple millennia years old.  

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