Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World, Ranked

Maine Coon 

Maine coon cats have been recorded to be from 22 to 26 pounds in weight.The Maine coon cats are the most popular pet.


Savannah cats are classified as semi-wild cats, which are the result of an African serval crossed with an African cat.


Firstly possessed and procreated in Norway, the Norwegian timber kitty is a ordeal between an unbeknownst feral kitty.


They're veritably amenable and tender to their possessors and are graded as the third most favorite nimble strain.


The average weight of the female Siberian cat is about 6.8 kg and the male Siberian cat is about 8.2 kg.


The Ragdoll's big hoops blaze with a gentle, heavily weighted towards the underbelly of their rounded look.

British Shorthair 

It's one of the largest household kitty types. These pussycats are veritably popularized in the advanced public.


The Chausie is a strain of kitty that's fairly unbeknownst to utmost people. Indeed in the United States, it's infrequently set up.

Turkish Van 

The Van is categorized assemi-long thread, but it has two extents of thread, decided by season.

American Bobtail 

The American Bobtail kitty is one of the bulky household kitty types that's set up in the United States.

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