The 9 Greatest Bittersweet Movie Endings of All Time

Avengers: Endgame

This movie had managed to pull it all off successfully. In their final battle the triumph was hard & clearly bittersweet.

Cinema Paradiso

 Salvatore returns home for the projectionist's burial & sees his cherished nonage cinema get demolished.


 Ridley Scott's epic is about a man Maximus who's betrayed by the son of a Roman Emperor who boggled his family latterly.

Toy Story 3

 In the end of the film, Andy gives away his toys before going to council, handing over the toys to Bonnie, their new proprietor.

The Dark Knight

By the end of the movie the Joker has been captured but the citizens had their lives permanently disintegrated.

Edward Scissorhand

 By the end of the film he has to return to the place where he's from & utmost of the people in city believes he is dead.

Seven Samurai

The city gets pitfalls by bandits, also people decides to asks for help of seven professed swordsmen to defend their homes.

La La Land

 A pianist and an actress follow their passion and achieve success, they find themselves torn between their love & their careers.


 The film ends with Rick and Elsa, not together but both agrees to go their separate ways emotionally and satisfied.

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