Top 10 Friendly Birds In The World

African Grey Parrot

The African Grey is one of the most intelligent parrots on the planet, with an astounding ability to learn.

Amazon Parrots

They are one of the most popular medium-sized best pet birds kept as pets due to their playful and outgoing natures.


Also known as parakeets or simply as “budgies,” Budgerigars are intelligent little birds that are lower maintenance .


They have been kept and bred for years by bird enthusiasts and have been developed into over 200 different subspecies.


The medium-sized Cockatiel is a member of the Cockatoo family and is often described by their owners as comical.


Cockatoos are great companion birds and are known for their affectionate, comical, and mischievous characters.


They are small to medium-sized parrots that range widely in vivid coloring, similar to that of the larger Macaw.


Doves are a great choice of bird for beginners for these reasons and will happily perch on your shoulder as parrots do.


The tiny Finch has become a popular pet bird species due to its quiet nature and hands-off maintenance.


Lovebirds are best kept in pairs, and there is a common myth that they will die of depression if kept alone.

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